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Paddlefit has been Ottawa’s number one stand up paddling company for more than 5 years. Originally starting as a kayak and paddling instruction operator, Paddlefit evolved into stand up paddling, or SUP. The popularity of SUP has emerged as a global sport, with a Hawaiian heritage.
With certified, professional instructors, Paddlefit offers a wide variety of SUP programs for people of all ages and abilities. The sport is easy to learn, and is a great way to stay fit on the water. From lakes to rivers, currents to surfing rapids, yoga and GoSUP programs, Paddlefit has it all to help you get into the great sport of stand up paddling.



Program introduces the novice to paddling a paddle board in calm sheltered water. Activities focus on individual safety and comfortable paddling along a calm shoreline. While there is a great deal to learn at this level, the activities concentrate on personal progress and the need for future learning. Our goal is to get you quickly standing and confidently paddling your board.

Prerequisites None
Season May – September
Equipment Provided Board, paddle, helmet, quick release leash, lifejacket.
Schedule Click here for the calendar.
Locations Bate Island - Meech Lake – Lac Leamy – Jacque Cartier Park – Aylmer Beach

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The membership program allows those paddlers who have taken the Intro to SUP program to continue to improve and develop their skills on the water.  Certified Paddlefit instructors will be providing ongoing feedback to support your development.  Season Pass holders can attend GO SUP and SUP Yoga Fitness programs.  Register from the calendar and select Paddlefit Seasons Passes

Prerequisites Intro to SUP
Season May – September
Equipment Provided Board, paddle, lifejacket.
Schedule Click here for the calendar.
Locations Bate Island - Meech Lake – Lac Leamy – Jacque Cartier Park – Aylmer Beach

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Program introduces paddleboarders to currents in a river environment. The learning is focused on the fundamentals of entering, exiting and understanding river currents. A strong emphasis is placed on safety, proper equipment, reading the river, and skill development.

Prerequisites Intro to SUP
Season April – August
Equipment Provided Board, paddle, helmet, quick release leash, lifejacket.
Schedule Click here for the calendar.
Location Bate Island.
Just off the Champlain Bridge

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Paddlefit rents all our equipment for those of you that just want to spend some time on the water without being surrounded by a larger group. Contact us at 613.715.2243 or email us to get more information about rentals and private bookings.



You can’t beat the combined feelings from doing yoga with the calming effects of being on the water. Enjoy improvements in core and limb strength, focus, sense of balance and coordination. Come enjoy a blissful relaxation on your board under the warm summer sun.  Open to GO SUP Members

Prerequisites Intro to SUP
Season June - Sept.
Equipment Provided Board, paddle, lifejacket.
Schedule Click here for the calendar.
Locations Bate Island - Meech Lake – Lac Leamy – Jacque Cartier Park – Aylmer Beach


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Paddlefit can make your Youth program, birthday party, corporate team building, sports team cross training, or family vacation a lot more fun, active, and healthy! Whether you want a group lesson, or a customized program we can create a package to fit your needs! Our business is mobile and we can meet at a location that suits you.  Contact Paddlefit at 613.715.2243 or email us to get more information.



The Basic SUP Instructor course is designed to provide a national certification in the instruction and administration of the Basic Stand Up Paddleboard program. It normally serves as the entry point into the Paddle Canada Stand Up Paddleboard instructor program.


Paddlefit offers instructor certification courses, as outlined by Paddle Canada. Our courses are equivalent to the Paddle Canada course offering. To view information about the certification details, please visit the Paddle Canada website, or contact Paddlefit at 613.715.2243 or email us for more details.



Level 1 Perks

  • Water safety, group management, rescue and towing techniques
  • SUP laws and regulations in Canda
  • Introductory SUP instruction
  • Group and class management
  • Level 1 fulfills the Paddle Canada Basic flat water SUP Instructor certificate.
  • Assess client’s physical and paddling skills
  • Advanced technique and skill development
  • Discounts with Paddlefit brand partners
  • Access to becoming an Apprentice with us
  • Level 2 fulfills the Paddle Canada Advanced flatwater SUP Instructor certificate and an introduction to SUP in river currents.


Level 2 – 3 Perks

  • Advanced personal coaching
  • Develop paddling skills in a river environment
  • Safety equipment and group management skills in a moving water environment
  • Access to becoming an Affiliate Paddlefit program



Paddlefit Level 1
Level 1 is our foundation course.  The focus is on water safety, the current laws and regulations regarding SUP in Canada, equipment designs, and construction methods.   Level 1 will also cover basic paddling and teaching skills on flat, calm water in a group setting. You will learn and gain the confidence necessary to introduce others safely to the sport of SUP.  You will need to be able to show that you are a confident paddler and communicator during the course. Successful candidates will demonstrate their skills and knowledge in written, oral and practical forms. This will be accomplished by completing and passing our practical, written and verbal tests. Prerequisites: First Aid/CPR certified, intermediate paddling skills or better (control the board/comfortable in varying conditions), understanding the basic concepts of SUP.


Paddlefit Level 2
Paddlefit Level 2 builds on the foundation of Level 1 with the emphasis now being on expanding your instruction into rougher waters. This course will allow you to work more in-depth on your own paddling skills as well as tricks and tips for helping you to assess your clients and improve their flatwater paddling strokes and maneuvers. Level 2 will cover group dynamics, class management, and safety in winds and rough water conditions. Prerequisites: First Aid/CPR Certified, Paddlefit Level 1 or equivalent. Intermediate to advanced paddling skills (able to perform advanced skills such as pivot turn, perform a rescue and is comfortable in all paddling conditions)


Paddlefit Level 3 – Apprenticeship Program
Paddlefit Level 3 is all about becoming an advanced level SUP instructor trainer. Our focus will be on teaching you coaching techniques and cues. You will leave this course with the tools you need to offer your own instructor certification courses through Paddle Canada, as well as empowering you to take on a Paddlefit location of your own. This course is offered concurrently with our level 1 and 2 courses. Prerequisites: First Aid/CPR certified, Paddlefit Level 2 or Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater SUP instructor, advanced to expert level paddling skills on flat water.


Paddlefit offers a variety of other paddling based services including equipment rentals and sales, private bookings, surfski and kayak coaching. Please contact us at 613-715-2243 for more information.