Paddlefit riders enjoy Kahuna paddleboards — a stand up paddleboard family that has a passion for paddling all over Canada. Whether you are riding the waves on the Ottawa River or paddling from lake to lake throughout cottage country, Kahuna boards will stand up to whatever you’re up to. Our objective is to provide a top quality product at a reasonable price point.


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Anyone who wants to paddleboard should be able to, and not sacrifice performance. If you live in a city apartment or choose to walk to the water rather than drive, or you want to store it in a small space, you can. We offer several models so anyone can get out for an adventure. KAHUNA iSUP’s are thicker to hold the extra gear or man’s best friend, and come complete with the best 3 piece carbon paddle on the market. Light strong and extremely portable, that’s a KAHUNA iSUP.

Inflatable Paddleboard




The Epic Series are all Hand Shaped using an Epoxy Sandwich Vacuum Construction (ESVC) with Glass, Bamboo or Koa in the Sandwich. A 24Kg EPS foam blank and a balsa wood stringer add stiffness to the board that you can feel when paddling. The board lay-up consists of 3 layers on the top and 2 layers on the bottom producing less flex and a faster board requiring less energy to paddle. Once you paddle a KAHUNA Epic Series you will feel the difference!



Kahuna Warrior


KAHUNA has raised the bar for for SUP Construction! The Warrior Series is the latest method of producing an Epoxy Construction SUP. KAHUNA spent 18 months developing this process before they could bring it to the market this. Needless to say it has stood up to numerous durability tests; like dropping it on the rail when carrying it down to the lake, hitting the deck of the board with a hammer, and smacking it into the dock too many times to count! We don’t recommend you treat your board like this but it’s nice to know Kahuna did it to their test boards!

Kahuna Warrior


Mako Brushed Carbon Stand Up Paddleboard


A Brushed Carbon board is much lighter and stiffer than a traditional glass epoxy board. Similar to our EPIC SERIES Kahuna hand shapes the blank but the glass layers are replaced with Bi-Axle Carbon Fibre cloth laid over the EPS Core and “Vacuum Bagged”. This results in a more consistent construction process. Once cured it is painted then sanded to give it that “Brushed” look. The Brushed Carbon is much lighter and stiffer than traditional Epoxy glass boards.


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